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Get your Office Organized with Workstations and Cubicles from Indoff

Not everyone realizes that Indoff is about much more than conveyor systems. We sell office interiors as well and among our most popular products are office workstations and cubicles. We can design custom cubicles to suit your specific
needs and create almost any kind of workstation imaginable. Just contact your Indoff branch partner, John Fincher, at 404-216-0304 to find out how you can organize your office to help your employees be more efficient and productive.

Reorganizing your Office Work Space

John can visit your office and evaluate your current set up while he looks at ways to improve your processes through skillful organization of workstations and cubicles. He will ask a number of important questions and listen carefully to
your answers. He will consider your company’s needs from formulating the initial concept through completion of the project. John will be able to customize a solution that will work in conjunction with your current practices and help you
meet your future goals. He is an expert with Auto Cad software and will be able to show you a virtual office design in an electronic format that will exceed your expectations.

Making the Most of Cubicles

The Indoff cubicles offer customization options not found with every cubicle system on the market today. All the cubicle walls surrounding the worker can be transformed into productive work surfaces or even small nooks for personal items like pictures or plants. The cubicle walls are all within reach of the worker and the feature holes and hooks for hanging shelves, bulletin boards and other accessories. This serves to provide more usable horizontal work surface as some items can be moved to vertical surfaces. John can find out exactly what your company needs and make suggestions that will help you get your employees in super-organized mode.

Let John come out to your facility today for a free consultation. He can do an Auto Cad drawing for you and help you find a way to streamline your processes through better organization and work flows. In today’s precarious economy, doing more with less is the top survival tactic with most businesses, and Indoff workstations and cubicles can help offices organize their staff so that the same group of employees can increase sales, production and revenue.

Find out how a Conveyor System can make a Positive Economic Impact on your Company

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Choosing a material handling solutions requires taking a number of factors into consideration including total costs, labor concerns, safety issues and the environmental impact of the conveyor system. Using automated material handling solutions to move products from one point to another is the best way to reduce costs and maximize efficiency. Conveyor systems designed by John Fincher, Branch Partner at Indoff, Inc. can offer numerous advantages to warehouse managers and their companies.

Conveyor Systems Reduce Labor Costs by –

  • Being monitored, operated or automated from a central control system,

  • Requiring minimal downtime for maintenance,

  • Implementing automated preventive maintenance programs like automated lubrication systems,

  • Alerting managers to malfunctions early on with an automated warning systems.

Conveyor Systems Cut Back on Maintenance by –

  • Costing less to support than material hauling equipment,

  • Requiring less in the way of engines and electronics to maintain,

  • Needing only minimal inventories of spare parts like belts and rollers which are not expensive and do not require a lot of space for storage.

Conveyor Systems Increase Safety by –

  • Reducing potential hazards because they require fewer personnel to operate,

  • Including safety devices such as chord, zero speed and plugged chute switches.

Conveyor Systems can make a Warehouse More Environmentally Friendly by –

  • Operating very quietly when properly maintained,

  • Including enclosures that capture dust,

  • Being either elevated or buried to blend in with the surrounding landscape.

Conveyor Systems can bring down Energy Costs by –

  • Using electric power which is less costly than fuel,

  • Utilizing gravity whenever possible to move products.

When it comes to moving products from point A to point B, conveyors provide the most cost effective material handling solution. Conveyors belts can last 5 to 15 years depending on the abrasive of the materials that are being moved and can last as long as 25 years or more with minimal maintenance. It is easy to lengthen a conveyor system as a company grows and it does not take long for a conveyor system to pay for itself.

Call John Fincher, Branch Partner at Indoff, Inc., at 404-216-0304 for information on how a conveyor system can improve your work flow and cut your costs. He can do it all --- from initial system design to installation.

Cutting Edge Pneumatic Tube Systems Available from Indoff

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Your Indoff Atlanta Branch Partner, John Fincher, can provide you with top-of-the-line pneumatic tube systems by Eagle or Diebold. Designed for use in industrial, commercial or retail applications, pneumatic tube systems will save your organization both time and money.

Faster and More Cost Effective Delivery

With the ability to move 20 to 25 feet per second, pneumatic tube systems are much faster than people. The systems make much more efficient use of time while saving on labor costs. Employees' time can be used more effectively when important items and vital information is transported securely by a pneumaticsystem. The systems are safe and reliable, and installation by skilled professionals can be arranged by your Indoff Atlanta Branch Partner, John Fincher.

Pneumatic Tube Systems Specially Designed for Every Customers

Pneumatic Tube Systems provide easy, secure delivery of currency, medications, lab specimens and product samples among many other items. The fast-paced world in which we live and work today requires operations managers to find ways to cut budgets and run facilities more efficiently. Pneumatic tube systems are designed to do just that. There are a number of different systems available, each of which can be adjusted to meet the specific criteria of the customer. Indoff Atlanta Branch Partner, John Fincher, can gather specifications and produce CAD drawings for virtually any pneumatic tube system needs.

Pressure/Pressure Systems

A pressure/pressure pneumatic system is the easiest to install and the most cost effective. It transfers items between two similar send/receive stations through a singular interconnecting tube.

Pressure/Vacuum System

The pressure/vacuum systems move carriers under pressure in one direction and under vacuum on the return. This particular system allows for more flexibility when transferring items.

Ticket Delivery System

A more recent innovation, the ticket delivery system is used most commonly by factories and warehouses that send and receive large volumes of products. The system is designed to convey items between the truck scale and the dispatch office.

Cash-Lift and Cash-Line

The cash-lift system is a two-way pressure vacuum system used mostly by the retail industry. It is convenient for employees partly because it takes up minimal counter space. The cash-line system is a one-way vacuum system that eliminates the need for manual cash collection. It is able to remove cash from a busy unsecured customer area and transport it to a secure area.

Centrix and M2 Elite - The Most Technologically Advanced Systems

The Centrix System is a semi-automatic system featuring amazing new technology. The system has one master station that is capable of sending and receiving carriers from as many as 21 different sub-stations. The M2 Elite System is a drive-thru tube system with a two-way video system integrated into the customer unit. This system is most commonly used by banks.

Indoff can save you money and help you trim time and resources from your organization's daily functions. Just call your Atlanta Branch Partner, John Fincher to get the process started. 404-216-0304.

Top of the Line in Table Top Chain

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Table top conveyor systems cannot operate efficiently without high quality table top chain. That is why Indoff is partnering with IWIS to provide customers with the best table top chain products available in the industry.

Indoff and IWIS offer the FLEXON maxxTop range of chain products which can be designed in stainless steel, plastic flat top, cast iron and regular plastic. The table top conveyor chains can also be designed in straight running or side flexing plate top versions. The chains are ideal for all kinds of industrial applications that use conveyor systems to move products.

  • Beverage industry
  • Container conveyance
  • Pack conveyor systems
  • Washing machines
  • Bottling plants
  • Packaging machines
  • Packaging industry
  • Glass industry
  • Food processing industry


Our table top conveyor chains can be custom designed and built to meet each individual customer’s requirements for their specific applications. We offer a wide array of standard special straight and bent attachment plates, but are also able to help customers develop their own designs to fit special applications.

A variety of conveyor chains are available that include extended pins, U-shaped attachments and multi-strand connecting links. IWIS conveyor chains offer a number of unique benefits including:

  • Parallel and synchronous operation
  • Extremely precise positioning
  • Higher than the norm tensile strength
  • Smooth and quiet running


There is nothing lacking in Indoff’s ability, together with IWIS, to provide customers with the exact table top conveyor chain needed for a perfect solution to virtually any application challenge. Call your Indoff Branch Partner, John Fincher, for all of you table top conveyor chain needs. 404-216-0304

Cleated Belt Conveyors

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Cleated belt conveyors are one of Indoff's specialties, and are designed to control product on a horizontal or inclined conveyor. They are available in both belt or chain styles and the conveyors can be designed to fit into small or narrow spaces.

The key to the design of a successful and efficient cleated belt conveyor system is the spacing and the durability of the cleats. Both of these features may vary based on the customers' specifications. The cleats come in a variety of shapes, sizes and heights, and may be applied at various angles for better product control. The cleats are securely welded to the conveyor belts so that even very heavy products can be moved safely from one point to another.

The conveyor belts are also available with sidewalls which prevent products from spilling. Cleated belt conveyor systems can support virtually any type of product, from food to chemicals and from powders to liquids.

Indoff's cleated belt conveyor systems are designed to handle large or small product loads. Typically, light to medium belt systems hold 200 to 500 pound products while heavy duty applications are designed to support 500 to 1,500 pound products.

When your facility is in need of a cleated belt conveyor system, contact Indoff Atlanta Branch Manager, John Fincher at 404-216-0304. John can take your specifications and design a cleated belt conveyor system to move your products safely, quickly and efficiently.

Indoff Portable Conveyor Makes Materials Management Jobs Easier

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A conveyor designed to be moved as a unit, Indoff portable conveyor may be wheel mounted or have supports that provide mobility. The moveable design allows operators to relocate the conveyor as needed to different areas of a factory, warehouse, storage facility or other building.

IndoffFlexible Conveyor Portable Conveyor Ideal for Bulk Materials Handling Jobs

An Indoff portable conveyor is a convenient and inexpensive way to relocate warehouse or factory offices, process bulk materials onsite or manage supplies inside storage facilities. Most portable conveyor systems can accept products that are very heavy and those products can be easily moved from one place to another at a job site resulting in a safer more efficient way to move materials.

Moving Small Parts Made Easy with Indoff Portable Conveyor

Some specialized Indoff portable conveyor systems can be used to move small parts between levels. The special cleated belt along with the side guards can easily capture small parts and move them to a hopper, drum or other location. The portable conveyor features flapper guards that keep any small parts from falling through the belt.

Portable Folding Gravity Conveyor can be Stored on TrucksDelivery Conveyor

This particular Indoff portable conveyor with its ergonomic design can speed up loading and unloading jobs
while reducing injuries, stress and strain on dock workers. The folding gravity conveyor can be stored on delivery trucks for use as needed, and is designed to accommodate larger cartons and packages up to 300 pounds. The tough aluminum rollers and sturdy axles make this a highly durable product. The floor supports are adjustable as is the speed of the belt which can be set to move in either direction. The  conveyor features center hinges for convenient folding and storage along with nylon coated lift handles for easy carrying.

Special Portable Conveyor Moves Products up or down Inclines

Boxes, bags, cases cartons and other product containers can be moved up or down virtually any incline with specially a designed Indoff portable conveyor. The narrow width allows the conveyor to be used in a stairway to move products from one floor to another. It can also be propped on a shelf and used for stacking products or picking out orders. This portable conveyor can even stand on end when not being used to minimize the amount of space taken up in a storage area.

Variety is the Key

The various Indoff portable conveyor systems each have their own unique designs that are applicable to different loading, unloading, moving and storage situations. The many choices in portable conveyor simplify jobs for delivery workers as well as loading dock, factory and warehouse workers. Along with speeding up the process of moving products, the portable conveyor helps reduce on-the-job injuries, worker’s compensation claims and absenteeism at work.

When your facility faces a challenge in which an Indoff portable conveyor may offer a solution, contact your Indoff Atlanta Branch Manager, John Fincher, at 404-216-0304. John can pay an onsite visit to your facility, observe your situation and provide a solution using one of the many options in portable conveyors.

Accumulation Conveyor Offers Some Options

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The primary purpose of Indoff accumulation conveyor is to hold a product in place on the conveyor until an automated signal is given to release the product. This type of conveyor is ideal for distribution warehouses that need product to accumulate at or near a loading dock so that it can be conveniently loaded onto trucks when it is time for the product to be transported to a retail facility or end user.

There are two main types of applications for Indoff accumulation conveyor. For example one type of application may be used when a product needs to be fed at a specified rate of speed to a machine that will seal it, sort it or do something else with it. The rate of speed at which the product is sent along the conveyor can be altered depending on the job. Another option would be to simply hold the product in one place until a truck is ready to be loaded up with the product.

The Indoff accumulation conveyor typically comes with two pressure options. Minimum pressure allows products to lightly touch each other while they are being conveyed. Zero pressure accumulation means the products do not touch each other at all during the conveying process, and there is no force whatsoever placed on the product when it stops along the conveyor. The level of pressure may be set and changed at any time based on the sensitivity of the product being conveyed.

Your Indoff representative, John Fincher, can help you design an Indoff accumulation conveyor system that fits the specific needs of your warehouse or distribution center. If you already have an accumulation conveyor system but have parts that are wearing and need replacing, John can help you with parts like belting, drives, pulleys, bearings, rollers, squaring rods, flood supports and chain. Just call your Atlanta Indoff Branch Partner, John Fincher, for all of your accumulation conveyor needs. 404-216-0304.





Warehouse Safety: Stabilizing Rack Storage

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Prevention of warehouse accidents is essential to protecting employees and your company’s reputation with customers. Indoff offers a wide range of products to ensure a safe storage environment in your warehouse.

The Husky line of pallet rack features the patented Bowlock safety clip which cannot be sprung or removed without first removing the load. It requires no special tools and attaches to the teardrop style beams. The Keystone pallet rack includes an integral safety catch which automatically locks into place when the beam is properly seated. All reputable rack storage products should contain strong safety clips or fasteners. Indoff also provides Bar Storage Rack which bolts to the floor for added stability.

Indoff also carries Rack Guard Wire Partitions which are an economical solution to preventing materials from falling into aisles. Rack Guards are strong and dependable and bolt onto teardrop style open back pallet rack using special clips.

Cantilever Rack is a versatile product which comes in all sizes and strengths to hold anything from light load applications to heavy industrial units. Your Indoff can conduct a complimentary evaluation to determine which type of Cantilever Rack would be the best solution in safe storage for your warehouse.

Indoff engineering consultants are always available to provide application and design assistance in creating specialized racks that will maximize your material handling investment by furnishing safe, flexible and easily accessible storage systems for people and products.

Make sure your warehouse is as safe as it can be. Contact your Indoff partner, John Fincher, at 404-216-0402 for more information.

Overhead Conveyor Maximizes Efficiency and Productivity

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Positive Load Control is the Key

Overhead conveyor systems are the way to go for making the most of the space in your facility. Indoff Material Handling overhead conveyor solutions feature products by Rapid and Unibilt, two of the most respected conveyor suppliers in the industry.

Rapid Special Features

Rapid overhead conveyor systems are capable of turning and changing levels as well as being easily reconfigured to adapt to varying types of loads. Overhead conveyor can carry both heavy and light loads. One unique aspect of Rapid overhead conveyors is the enclosed chains that ensure a much longer life for the equipment. The biggest benefit of overhead conveyor systems is that floor space is left available for other jobs. Engineers at Rapid will work with you Indoff branch partner, John Fincher, to bring you a customized overhead conveyor system that meets the specific requirements of your facility and the products you need to move.

Unibilt Versatility

Unibilt overhead conveyors are versatile in that they can be switched, stopped, accumulated or routed to other lines in the system without the flow or sequence being disrupted. Dependable power and low maintenance make Unibilt conveyor an excellent option. The products are available in constant or variable speeds and are energy efficient. Overhead conveyors work well with complex production, assembly and finishing operations that demand a continuous flow of materials. They can interface with other equipment and positioning conveyor overhead is more cost effective than using more floor space.

Overhead conveyor systems can be custom designed for virtually any load that needs to be moved. Contact your Indoff branch partner, John Fincher, for all of your overhead conveyor needs, 404-216-0304.


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Please refer to the above cross section

For best roller size results, please provide the “Between Frame” (BF) of your conveyor frame or mounting space. Conveyor manufacturers use different tube lengths, bearing extensions, and axle lengths determining their roller dimensions. Most of them use the BF dimension as the size basis.

If the BF dimension is unavailable, the next best dimension is the OAC dimension.

The tube cut length or axle length is not really an acceptable dimension. Tube cut lengths vary depending upon bearings, manufacturing tolerances, Roller OD, and Engineering standards for installation of rollers in a frame particular to any manufacturer. The tube length from one manufacturer to the next could vary by a ¼” or more for the same BF. Axle lengths are even less reliable.

Please include the BF dimension when ordering custom length rollers to avoid problems at your installation site. All of us would rather avoid non-returnable rollers.

Our grooves and/or sprockets are also located from the conveyor frame. Multiple groove/sprocket locations can reference each other, as long as one of them is located from the nearest frame.

Our standard manufacturing process is to have the axle depress on the roller end opposite of the grooves or sprockets.

You can visit Metzgar conveyor at

Contact John Fincher at 404-216-0304 or for quotes or information.